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My entire website is based around me having fun with my fans, it's what I do and what I really enjoy. For the past 20+ years, I have been getting off with my fans and have fucked over 1300 of them, and sucked about 800 more. Of course, there were plenty of women and couples in there as well as Groups of fun guys. I really am open to anything.

So I am always looking for new people to join me on video, and it's really not that hard to do, as long as you are close to me! I am looking for men, women, couples and yes, Groups of people, to come to my home and do what they want with me for a video shoot. The cool thing is your face need not be shown. You can still stay anonymous while you fuck me.

I am as picky as anyone else when it comes to who I am going to lick, suck, or fuck, so I am looking for somewhat attractive people that are height/weight proportionate. I never look good fucking heavy people, and I do find it very uncomfortable due to my size. Remember, I am just under 4'11" and about 100 pounds! I also prefer the guy to have average to above average cocks as they just look better on video. I also like nice looking cocks, so keep that in mind.

I always get asked what I would like to do for a video, well, I prefer to leave it up to you people. What is your fantasy? What have you always wanted to try? I am here to help you fulfill all those nasty and fun fantasies. It can be as simple as a hand-job or blow-job, to full fucking, to anal, Creampies, and even Watersports. If you have a friend or a Group, I'm into Double-Penetration, Gang-Bangs and Bukkakes! As I said, anything you can think of. But you have to let me know when you contact me.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: First off, be close enough to me in eastern Ontario, Canada, to actually do this! Second, I need to see some clear pictures of you that will never be shared. I want to see your face, full body, and erect cock. Finally, tell me what you would like to do! So, if you are serious and can actually get to me at my home, then just e-mail me at with the required information and we'll see how it goes. If you are a Website Member, also send me your username so I can verify and give you that "Prefered Status" on when and what! :)

I do want to point out that scheduling priority for any of my shoots always goes to my website members first.


• Can I show you what I look like on Skype? Will you share my pictures?

The answer to both is NO. First off, I want the pictures so I have something to check back on and refer to. Just seeing you on Skype, or Snapchat, or anything similar doesn't help me at all as I can never remember what anyone looks like. I just see too many people throughout the day. So the ONLY way I will accept your pictures as part of all this is by sending them to me through e-mail. If you know me, especially after all these years, you know I am very discrete and never ever share anything I am not allowed to. Ever! This is a non-negotiable requirement so there is no reason to ask for anything else. If you don't feel comfortable sending me pictures in e-mail, then don't. But then don't ask to take part in one of my shoots.

• What happens? How does it work?

Once we agree on a date, we will discuss what you would like to do. When you get to my home, I invite you in, introduce you to my cameraman (who happens to be my husband, and LOVES to watch me get fucked hard!) and go to the "playroom". Then, we just get started! Typically I will undress you and start you off with a nice wet blow-job and then we take it from there :)

• Do I get a copy of any pictures and video you take?

Yes, you will get a copy of all the pictures and also a copy of the edited video. The video I send you will not have any watermarks on it or even my name, and you are welcome to post it yourself, to wherever you like. You may share it anywhere you wish.

• Can we shoot other times or other places? Will you travel to me?

I have a business to run and a family to look after. That limits my time so my availability is limited. I can usually only shoot at my home in the evenings, starting around 7:00 to 8:00 (19h00 - 20h00)

• I will fly in from my location! What airport are you near?

First off, I am really not worth your time nor your expense for any of this. I don't have time to host your visit and whether you live next door or 2000 miles away, I only have a couple of hours at the most for you. The nearest airports or a couple of hours away, and there are no hotels near me. So again, it isn't worth it. I am also very uncomfortable with the thought of anyone traveling just for me, and truthfully, the idea creeps me out a bit! If you happen to be somewhere nearby for other reasons, then we can see what we may be able to work out, but there are never any guarantees.

• Can I do {insert sex act here} to you? What can I do?

You are welcome to do as much as you like, or as little, with me. I am open to almost everything. My limitations are scat and pain. I'm also a really shitty Domme/Mistress so if you are into that, I recommend finding someone else. But it can be as simple as handjob or blowjobs to full on anal fucking with a Creampie. I actually HATE when I ask a guy what he would like to do and he says something like "I dunno, whatever you want"! I am here to be used by you! To help you fulfill your fantasy! Do do those things with that you've never had the chance to do. So you tell me what you want to do to me and with me!

Below is a "list" to make it easier for you. I'm also open to doing anything with other women and with couples. Even Groups of people are welcome to take part... ;)

  • anal creampie
  • anal fucking
  • anal rimming
  • ass-to-mouth
  • bareback sex
  • blow-job
  • bukkake
  • bondage (light, no pain)
  • CFNM sex
  • condoms if you wish
  • Creampies (anywhere)
  • Creampie eating (you cleaning me up)
  • CUM on me
  • CUM on face
  • CUM in mouth
  • CUM in pussy (Creampie)
  • CUM in ass
  • CUM sharing (snowballing)
  • Double-Penetration
  • footjob
  • fucking
  • gang-bang
  • group sex
  • kissing
  • pee on me
  • pee in my mouth
  • pee in my pussy
  • pee in my ass
  • pee sharing
  • peeing on you, anywhere you wish
  • pussy eating
  • rape play
  • rope play (Shabira)
  • slapping (light)
  • spitting

So remember, I need CLEAR pictures of your face, your full body, and close-up of your erect cock. When you send them, tell me where you live, how easy it is to get to me in Green Valley, Ontario (Google it), and what you would like to do as part of a video shoot. E-mail me at

If there is anything you want to ask me, anything at all that you are curious about, then please send me an e-mail and ask away. I enjoy corresponding and chatting (and of course fucking) with my Website Members. Remember, membership really does have its privileges and getting to know me and fucking me is a big one! ;)


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