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Blindfolded Blowjob

Luc e-mailed me a few weeks ago about dropping over on his birthday to get a “Birthday Blow-Job” from me. Of course, I agreed and we set it up. I asked him if there was anything special he wanted to do and he had a few ideas. First off, he wanted me blindfolded through the entire thing, from the time he got there until he left, so I wouldn’t see him. he also wanted to spend some time licking my pussy and ass, and finally, he wanted to CUM right in my mouth and watch me swallow. Sounded fun and easy to me!

Since it was his birthday today, he took the afternoon off of work and came right over just after lunch. When the doorbell rang, I laid back on the bed, and pulled on the blindfold. Danny let him in and brought him up to our bedroom. I was only to do as I was told or forced to do. he called me off the bed, stripped me, and then had me take off his pants. I spent the next full hour sucking his cock in all sorts of positions. he would just pull and push me around! he did spend some time getting his tongue deep in my pussy and ass, and we spent a good while enjoying a 69.

When he was finally ready to CUM, he had my lay on back back, and jerked off into my open and waiting mouth. After showing him his CUM floating in my mouth, I swallowed, then sucked him dry. As I just lay there, he jumped off the bed, quickly got dressed, and without saying a word to me, left!

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