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I was just a really naughty neighbour! Most of the wives on our street don't like me and refuse to ever talk to me because of who I am and what I do. I'm used to it as it has gone on for so many years. I think they're all afraid I'll steal their husbands or something. Normally, I never would do that, but they have all pissed me off so much, I no longer care what they think. And yes, I have done a number of different neighbours.

A few weeks ago, my husband was doing things outside around the house and chatting with neighbours (yes, they talk to him, just not me) and one of the husbands mentioned that he was actually a member of my website and that he'd love for me to suck his cock. Danny told him he would set it up as long as he could videotape it! The neighbour agreed, as long as we didn't show his face. It was all well and good that Danny set this up, except for one thing...he never told me!
The day comes (unbeknownst to me) and the doorbell rings. I go to answer it and open the door to our neighbour. Of course, I thought he was here to see Danny and I even asked him that. He hummed and hawed and then said "isn't today the day?". I guess he could tell by the quizzical look on my face that I didn't know what he was talking about. He then said that he thought today was the day for the blow-job and that he was sorry if he got it wrong. Just then, Danny came down the stairs and told me what as going on. He even admitted he forgot to mention it!

I was a bit put off with Danny, but I was feeling a little frisky so I brought our neighbour up to our home office and had him sit on the couch. Danny got the camera ready, and I went after our neighbour's cock. I was thinking about how much fun it would be to do this in front of his wife and really piss her off! (I can get nasty) I gave him a nice long blow-job until he was ready to CUM. he squirted right in my mouth and actually tasted quite good. I sucked every last drop of CUM from his cock.

I do believe that neighbours should always share and help each other out ;)

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